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IC System continuously sends me things in the mail saying that I owe them nearly $150 dollars. I paid them off 3 months ago, and I even contacted the company that I initially owed the money to, and they said that it shows in their system that I over-paid IC System.

Now when I call to find out why it shows that I owe them, they give me the run-around of "24 hrs to process". ATT themselves has even called and sent in proof that I paid the debt in full. It has been nearly 3 months and now it's on my credit report and I still receive letters in the mail. The last girl that I spoke with was beyond disrespectful.

When I was explaining to her that I had already taken care of the issue (in a polite manner), she cut me off and responded by telling me "if it were taken care of, it wouldn't be showing in our system." At the time I felt beyond disrespected. Then I realized that she probably makes just above minimum wage, and went on to tell her that "if I wanted to pay the $150, I could pay it 10 times over, and not notice the money was gone from my bank account." I take care of all my bills and the only reason IC System received my debt owed to ATT was because when I moved out-of-state, my mail was not forwarded to me. I take care of all of my finances. And for that disrespect, I will be calling them every single day to verbally assault whoever picks up the line.

No threats will be made, but the way they call and harass me daily, has made me gain interest in a new hobby of re-paying the favor. I cant wait to see what one of their employees will post on here about this.

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