IC System sent me a collection notice stating that I owe Paypal a significant amount of money. I owe nothing nor have I ever been in arrears to paypal. They provided no support nor made any reasonable effort to get information regarding the source of the bogus collection. There was no information available when I called them at 1-888-241-8960 ext 2501. I have called twice and each time it is another name, Rhonda, Beth, Rebecca, etc. who answers even though it's the same extension. When you call and ask for the person who called, you'll be told no one by that name works there. I was told 'this is your last chance' to pay the balance or other undisclosed action would be taken. Wow, move over Guido, IC System is movin' in.

This 'A+ business' has had 765 better business bureau complaints in the last three years!

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Watch out for this company.

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people, I also get Nigerian scam emails & when they get mean at my refusal to send money I dare them to show up at my home and I'll shoot them. Haven't had one show up yet. They also quit emailing.

Camden, South Carolina, United States #1193780

They also currently only have a "B" BBB rating, as they will close the complaints there very quickly. Meanwhile, they are daily harassing innocent people like myself. I've told them I am not even who they are looking for and still get up to 3 calls a day!

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #930644

Did you notice how jankie their "Debt validation" letter looked? It's as if someone photocopied a photocopy of a photocopy.

It does not look official whatsoever.

When the person on the phone asked me to verify my home address or email, I said I wasn't sharing it and quickly turned the tables on them and said if they needed to get any more information from us, that THEY would need to confirm with ME what my email address was and what out street address was. They quickly hung up when I told them to go through proper government agencies if they wanted to see any money from my pockets.


I had the same experience. Said I owe $30.22 to Pay Pall.

Some kind of scam going on. Told him I never deal with Pay Pal. Said his name was Andy and I could call him back if I had any more questions.

I do have a question. When is the AG going to come down on these clowns!

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