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They have gotten my phone number from somewhere and my credit is very high..... but they keep asking for my father who passed away 3 years ago....

I keep telling them he has died...... now I'm going to get a whistle and everytime they ask for my father, I'm going to blow the whistle and blow their ear drums out of their head..... they asked for it ... I counted the number of times they have called and it's now up to 10 times a day for who........

I don't know, I owe no one, and pay my bills on time.

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good for you! i get calls from them, i ignore them.

they dont call me cell phone anymore and have started calling my work. if they call again im going to file suit. legally they can only call one time to tell you you have a bill if you do have one, then after that you have the right to tell them to politely *** off and not call you again.

if they do, you can sue them and they will end up having to pay you money hahahahaha! its great isnt it!

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