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I C Systems has done the same thing to me that I see they have done to everyone else. They have Called me as early as 05:30 and as late as 21:30. They have called me 7days a week Sundays before 08:30.

They have told me it will never be over with they will continue to "harass me" Their Words as long as they want whether I pay the debt or not. FYO folks they debt they call it is a difference of opinion of $40.00 that I am arguing with A Company that I say has over charged me the $40.00. I came to an agreement with the company I owe the money to and they are happy that I will pay them the outstanding $100.00 I do feel I owe them. Actually I do not even owe them that money but told them at the beginning of the problem I would pay that amount.

The company I had the debt with has reinstated my account to full use and in good standing. I C Systems does not like that. They are Telling me I owe them money. They have said if I do not pay them the money they want they will ruin my credit for ever. They will put it in a certain file and then every year or so they will ruin my credit again via the different credit reporting agencies.

They told me they are doing this to a lot of people and no one can stop them. Why can no one stop them because they do all this stuff verbally with each other and do not put it in writing in our files other than to let others know what they are doing. Also they say their computers make everything they do look legal. It changes the time stamp on calls which are done by computer when they want it to. If they call you at 530 AM the computer will say it was 930 am. If they call you 10 times in one day the computer will say it was only once or at the most twice. They have written the software to lie to everyone.

They enjoy this and have a lot of fun hiring others who have fun doing the same thing to people. When I told that girl this morning that I had paid my debt to the company that I owe the money she said that I still owed them money and they would continue to call me until I paid them off. They won't tell you their name or ID number. They also have phones that do not show the right ID when they call you. So even if you have caller ID It does not work right when they call.

D Ray East

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