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very sorry I would not use them and I will never do any business with them, I requested information about a debt they sayed I owed ebay, I requested that information, and they say they never got my request... This is a well maneover to ensure they can collect for the debt in question.

I informed them many time do not call me again. File it in court and I would let my attorney handle it.

They have chosen not do that, instead they had keep using their harrassment taticts in hopes that people will pay the bill just to get them to let them alone. This is not fair

Monetary Loss: $159.

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i highly doubt someone told you to shut the eff up since all of their calls are recorded and that person would almost certainly lose their job. but you can only verbally cease and desist if you live in the state of wisconsin, OR if you are on a cell phone, in which you really should make it quite clear that it is a cell phone and don't wish for the calls.

but definitely send all requests in writing and certified is the best way to go, make sure to get their physical address if you do this!

no p.o. boxes!


I have been dealing with this company for a long time, I have never accepted the debt as they have refused to send me a validation of debt upon my request. I have mailed in multiple CEIST and DESIST letters that they seem to claim to have not gotten. I finally sent one certified mail and have my receipt that they received it. They still claim to not have it.

Today a rep called me and told me they were going to give me a number to call to discuss my acocunt. I told them I am not their secretary if they want to speak to me to have it sent in writing or have that person call me themselves so I can formally tell them to abide by the letter I sent numerous times.

When the person called me back, I requested they stop calling and in mid sentence they told me "JUST SHUT THE EFF UP".

There is a statute of limitations on all debt they can cont. to attempt to collect after it runs out hoping people will admit to the debt or make a payment. If you deny the debt and dont acknowledge it when the statute runs out it cannot be reported on your credit report. If you send a CEIST and DESIST and send a dispute within 30 days certified mail they have to validate the debt or stop all collection attempts. Of course this company might nto stop but at least that way you have the legal side and you can take them to the FTC and sue them or worse.

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