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My wife and I are a retired couple with no debt and this computerized collection agency calls us 6 times a day beginning at 8:00am. If we pick up there's no one there.

We've recently joined the federal 'do not call list' and these still keep coming. This can't be legal.

I'm assuming they're trying to get in contact with my son who moved away 2 years ago, but he says he owes no one anything either. Sometimes these calls even come in from Canada.

They appear to use different numbers all the time, I guess to thwart call blocking devices. This just goes to show how sleazy this company is.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Well then, "royal highness" don't expect anyone to do anything about it if you can not call and be an adult about it. And I used to work as a Debt Collector and have also been called by them so I know a little more about how the system works than you do.


now, let's be a little more truthful in this discussion. The only person that seems irate, is Brooke, the friendly debt collector.

I have been inundated with calls from agencies looking for the person who had my number last and most times you do NOT get a person on the other end of the phone. If it wasn't for reverse lookup on the internet, I wouldn't even have a clue who half of these numbers belonged too. And when I tell you DO NOT CALL, it means, DO NOT CALL.

I am not who they are looking for and they don't pay my phone bill. Get a clue people.


All call centers whether telemarketing or collections work from an auto dialer that calls hundred of people every few minutes. whichever picks up first will connect the call to a phone rep.

Sometimes it takes a while for a rep to get on the phone if they are experienceing a high call volume. The point of the matter is to call them back and just get it fixed.


If it's so easy to fix etc, why is nobody on the line when you pickup and say hello?

Sounds like somebody is playing the system and is claiming they called this person ** times to no avail. Most likely they still get a "cut" for making the call.


Ok, Lets be smart about this. Call the number that showed up on your caller ID.

Someone will answer. Then say, this is my phone number XXX-XXX-XXXX I have been recieving calls at this number and I am not sure why. The rep will look up the number and tell you who they are looking for. If it is not you, just say, I am sorry you have the wrong number.

You are not the only person that has used that number over the years I am sure and alot of people, especially in collections go around and give bad phone numbers and say that it is there own number. Let this company do its job. They don't want to call you any less than you want to them to call. Another thing, If you have falsly identified yourself as the person they are looking for and then say, oh, not thats not me even though I just told you I am...They will continue to call!!

Never give out information falsely.. always be honest. I am a debt collector and I would not want to waste my time on calling a number that isn't going to get me to who i need to address. Lastly, The "do not call" list does not apply to debt collectors but only sollicitors or telemarketers.

So, it doesn't matter and its perfectly legal. Its a shame you couldnt have thought this through before becomming so irrate.

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