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I hate these creeps. They blow my frickin phone up all daggone day!

I finally answered the phone this morning and the little winch that called me had the nerve to tell me I've had more than enough time to pay my bill. That little witch does not know my financial situation. I was willing to work with them until today. They better not ever call my house again, and if they do i will never answer again!

I started making payments back in February of $25, and she told me that this is not acceptable. Who are they to tell me what is acceptable and what's not? When they start paying my bills, then maybe they can.

Until then they can go suck a egg.

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Don't ever give these idiots a cent ... You don't owe them NOTHING because they did NOT give you any service lol ...


What the ***. IC systems is bunch of fake ***.

They call for my dad who doesnt speak english and try to scam him. Somethin about Washington Mutual? HE ALWAYS PAYS HIS BILLS. prompt.

he neve rmisses anything because i have to deal with the bills and translate. No WAY we owe THEM anymoney calling my dad and yelling at him. SCAMMERS.

so rude and so much noise in the background sounds like a wife and husband with kids tryin to *** non english speakers. sh** im FIFTEEN and i have to deal with these JERKS?

Marietta, Pennsylvania, United States #21231

Stop draining our economy and pay your *** bill.

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