I.C. Systems has called me every 40 minutes since 8:00am this morning, they are calling MY cell phone asking for someone I do not know, I have explained they have the wrong number, they say they took my phone number out of the "DIALER" but it takes 24 to 48 hours to stop the calls.

This is relayed in rude and nasty demeanour and then they hang up! I have asked to speak to managers and they hangup!!! They should pay me what ever it is they are trying to collect!!!!!!! This is harrassment in the worst way.

I am not the person they need to contact. They are rude and nasty to me over their mistake!!!

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Zuni, New Mexico, United States #743167

I.C. Systems, sent me a letter saying I owe them money!

WTF I don't even know why?

It was also sent to someone else's Post Office Box, and was forwarded to me by the Clerk. :?


Seems to me telling them they have the wrong number should be enough. I have a company calling, not this one that has been doing so on and off for 5 years since I got my phone number.


IC Systems is doing the same thing to me. The name they're asking for is not me.

I asked them to stop calling, and they told me that they'd call back later and hung up on me. Insane.


Well if you did not make it clear to them that you have no clue who this person is they will call you because most people in debt lie & claim they are not but really are if you are nasty & jst hang up they have the right to call you back because they need to varify you are not the person they need


*** off sally

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #53635

Would you like some cheese to go with that whine?

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