This place doesn't listen to a word you say. They have a one tract mind and sad as it is, they are on the wrong road!!

They have continued to call my work, even when they were given a copy of a Power of Attorney from my attorney's office, and were told not to contact us, but to contact our Attorney's office. Who trains these people? Or better yet, do they get any training? I understand a job is a job, but please people come on, have some pride in what you choose as a career!!

They are very rude and unprofessional.

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These people arew ruthless scumbags. I ended up in the hospital, furloughed from work and still paid my bills on time until I was totally broke.

Ended up getting calls from these people from 9am to 9pm (the ONLY rules they follow).

And they wonder WHY people file Bankruptcy. Its only 1K and you dont have to pay back a cent....I try to pay all my debt thru a consolidation company and IM the ***.


My son posted a vehicle on e-bay the fee with photos was $8.00 which we have a copy of the listing charges. A person hit the buy it now option and the bill changed to $130.00.

The person called a week later and said he could not afford the car, something had come up. We asked him to send us a letter e-mail or fax and let e-bay know. He never did and we have not been able to reach him. I contacted e-bay explained the situation and the man on the chat said it would be taken care of.

The problem is we still got a bill asking for the $130.00 not the corrected amount we were promised since it did not sell. I wrote again and asked for the corrected bill I was told it was taken care of but I asked for the guys name and for an e-mail saying it was corrected the guy said he could not do that. Now I.C. systems tells us the selling fee on e-bay is $130.00 which we have confirmed is not true.

We have sent I.C. systems letters asking them to back off that the bill is in dispute and proof the vehicle has never sold. They will not leave us alone and keep threatening us. One IC rep said he would take my home over this.

These people are low life's.

I want to talk to someone from e-bay but you can't find a way to speak to a real person on an address that I can send a dispute letter that will get answered by a real person. We will gladly pay the $8.00 but nothing more

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