Hey, ***. Did you actually READ anyone's complaints?

These are people who SHOULDN'T be getting collection calls. Pay attention, you sanctimonious ***. You probably work for one of these fly-by-night *** companies, don't you? People should absolutely pay their bills, that's not in dispute.

What IS in dispute is the tactics these companies use to harass people. I've gotten 5 calls from them in the past 2 days. Guess what? They're calling the wrong guy!!!

Maybe you're the *** on the other end of the phone?

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #158084

Well said, Peter. As long as you inform IC Systems that you're recording the calls, and as long as they give you permission, by all means record them.

If they refuse to give you their consent, then either inform them that you do not agree to allow them to record the conversation either.

IC Systems will then either agree or disagree, right? If they agree, then neither party is recording. If they disagree, then IC Systems will most likely end the conversation and hang up.

Remember that you have no legal contract with IC Systems and are not legally liable to pay IC Systems any debt owed to another company. Neither are you legally required to pay any fees to IC Systems which IC Systems intends to keep as income resulting from an attempted debt collection.


I find this post funny because I think it is so true what this person says ... These idiots at IC Systems are the bottom of the barrel lol ...

Just make fun of them fools, it is awesome ... at first you may be a little uncomfortable but you will soon learn that it is fun and they have no clue that you like making fun of them (they don't understand it anyway because they are all uneducated idiots) ...

Don't give them a cent, they have no legal grounds to harass you. Also, if you can, record the calls every time they call you (I do).

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