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IC Systems calls my home asking for Calvin Smith at least three times a month. I tell the person every time that there is no Calvin Smith at this phone number.

But with in a week they are calling back, asking the same question. (may I speak to Calvin Smith?) The last I knew, Calvin Smith lived at 91 Seneca Street, Dundee New York. This was about 10 years ago. I know you people have a job to do,but come on, he is not here.

If he is giving you this phone number, he is not telling the truth. It cant be that hard to find the address I gave you. I assume he still lives with his grandmother (Ronna Smith) at the address given.

P.S. I have not read your "Pissed Consumer Terms of Service"

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I called the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and lodged a complaint. This is the way to go.

File a complaint with them and with your State-level consumer affairs office.


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