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Received a call from IC Systems, they would not say what they were calling about but wanted me to confirm and supply information that could be used in in an identity fraud situation. No one should have to divulge information when they are called without the caller providing proper identification.

All they had to do was what any reputable firm would have done - give a usable, verifiable call back number.

If this is a Verizon matter which I am suspecting based on another complaint posted here, well have I got a few words for them and Verizon. Fraud being top of the list.

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No offense or anything but they have the information in front of them. If they say "hi i am calling a personal matter for Jane Doe at 482 state street, is that the correct mailing address?

and you have never lived there in your life, say "no, I'm sorry" they will then attempt to verify the last four digits of a ssn they have on file. IF it doesnt match you, then say, I am sorry you have the wrong person. They can't do anything to you if the ssn doesnt match what they have on file. However, if that is your correct information and you are just being a douche bag and not identifying yourself because you are a crummy peice of ***, then you deserve the continued collection calls.

they don't ever attempt to collect on fraudulent accts and they would send you a "fraud packet" which includes alot of info. If someone has stole your identity, the last person you should get mad at is someone who has brought it to your attention.


what you want to tell them is that you recently got this number and would like them to *** your number. You have to say it nice and clam.....

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