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I just called to clear up a $25 debt, when told I would be charged $12 to pay this $25 debt I asked if I could mail it to the address, their rep hung up on me!!! I called back and coincidentally got the same rep.

"Bailey". She apologized, stated their system went down. Guess what? It happened again on the 2nd call.

Holy Cow, I just want to pay this $25 debt off. Who would have thought it would be so difficult. Perhaps they should consider allowing payments to be made via a national website. Who wants to spend 10 minutes on hold.

If we don't have to talk to someone or take the time out of our schedule to make a call maybe they would get paid in a more timely manner!!!

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I have a feeling they IC Systems train their employee's to just hang-up on you when they don't like what it is your saying. :upset I called 4 times each time when I told them this medical bill was covered under Medi-Cal they would just hang the phone on me.

Finally after the last effort on my part of giving them the benifit-of-the-doubt that it was just an accident,just to get hung up on again I called the FTC and filed a complaint. Thirty days from now we will see what happens...


For the comparatively low price of around $150,000 a group of investors could buy 51% of NCO stock and either liquidate the company or change its operating procedures. It's only $16.02 per share!!! Much quicker and easier than suing them.


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